About Us

Liwan Gallery is considered the only art gallery in Egypt that specializes in oriental artwork. The gallery was founded in 2018 by Mostafa Ezz El-Din, an art dealer who started his journey as an art collector back in the 80s. Regardless of his specialization in the orientalists’ era and artwork, Ezz El-Din wanted the gallery to be a platform for a variety of genres; from contemporary all the way to oriental. The gallery’s mission is to shed light on some of the most important artists and artworks found locally and internationally through holding exhibitions that have a different and refreshing feel. That diverse blend of the past and present has allowed Liwan Gallery to hold exhibitions for both pioneering and renowned artists from older eras as well as our present time through using different creative concepts. The gallery also presents consulting and painting-display services to art lovers who are seeking to buy unique pieces for their homes.