Ali Hassaan graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cairo, Department of Photography in 1997. He received a Master of Fine Arts and a PhD in Philosophy of Painting from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cairo. He is currently working as an assistant professor in the Department of Photography at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Luxor. He moved to the city of Luxor many years ago, which had a great impact on the topics he dealt with in his work. Hassaan began to monitor and address the details of the environment of the people and places in Upper Egypt in a contemporary way, as this monitoring was not a shallow observation, but Hassan reached the depth of the corresponding details, this had a great impact on the works that he produced. The works present many contemporary concepts and problems that human beings are exposed to in that environment and extends to what human beings face outside the surroundings of that environment in the world as a whole. We find that there are a lot of questions that are raised to the audience through the works, so that the audience try to answer to through watching the composition of the elements and symbols placed within the framework of the design or the diffused lighting without specifying a clear source or saturated colors or multiple techniques within the painting. The end result presents the audience with a direct dialogue in one of its parts and indirect in other parts. The elements present in the artwork are those familiar elements that the eye is always exposed to around us, but they are reformulated within the framework of the unfamiliar, which creates a state of astonishment mixed with a state of visual passion that urges the audience to prolong and view the painting more than once. Hassan held a number of solo exhibitions inside Egypt and many group exhibitions inside Egypt, the Arab world and Europe. Acquisitions by the Museum of Modern Art in Cairo - the Nile Museum in Aswan - the plastic arts sector in Egypt Acquisitions of the British Embassy in Cairo Acquisitions by some governmental and non-governmental institutions and banks inside Egypt Acquisitions by individuals and cultural centers in the Arab world and Europe