•Born in 20-7-1942. •BA of Faculty of Applied Arts, Decoration department 1963. Career: • Member of Syndicate of Journalists. • Member of Syndicate of Plastic Arts. • Member of Cairo Atelier. • Member of El Ghoury Artists Association. • Started his artistic Career as innovator and Press drawing artist in several magazines & publication houses with obvious distinction since his graduation 1963. • Performed design & drawing for hundreds of books in Egypt and the Arab world. • Artist Hossney is considered as a vedette in the field of children hook drawings in Egypt and the Arab World. • 1974 be was appointed as an artistic director of the famous weekly Magazine Al mossawar, later on, Worked as artistic consultant for the same magazine. • Devotion & involvement as a Journalist, but this did not make him forget his authentic ardour which is the plastic art & drawing. • 1965 participated in Cairo Salon Exhibition. • His love for plastic art urged him to come back home to the plastic art, performing as Follows. • First exhibition, Hanager Gallery, March 1979. • Same year his second exhibition. December 1997 at Salama Gallery of Art. Mohandesseen. • 1997 Participated in national exhibition of plastic arts. • 1998 exhibition of Art for All. Salama Gallery for Arts. • 1998 Participated in Cairo Atelier Salon. • 1999 Participated in national exhibition for plastic arts. • 1999 Participated in the exhibition of small artistic works. • 1999 Participated in the inauguration of Grant Gallery. • 1999 Participated in spring exhibition in Doroub Gallery. • 2000 Participated in the third private exhibition in salama Gallery. • 2000 Participated in the Association of El-Ghoury Artists exhibition in celebration of its silver anniversary. • 2000 Participated in the exhibition of artistic innovation market of the cultural development Zeinab khatone House during Ramadan. • 2000 Art For All exhibition at Salama Art Gallery. • 2000 Cairo Atelier Salon. • 2000 exhibition of small artistic works. • 2001 The 4th Private exhibition at the Egyptian Centre for International Cultural Cooperation. • 200I Participated in Ramadan exhibition, Salama Gallery. • 200I the 27th national exhibition for Plastic Arts. • 2001 exhibition of Art for All, Salama Gallery. • 2002 exhibition of Folkloric Symbols in Picasso Gallery. • 2002 He was on leave from the Ministry of Culture. • 2003 The 5th Private exhibition at the Egyptian Centre for International Cultural Cooperation. • 2003 the 28th national exhibition for Plastic Arts. • 2003 the Pharos Machine with 5 Italian Artist, The Egyptian Culture Center, Rome. • 2004 The 6th Private exhibition at the Mahmoud Saeed Center, Alex. • 2004 The journalism Drawing, Art palace, Opera, Cairo. Solo shows: At Al-Hanager gallery, March 1997 - At Salama gallery 1997,2000 -At Mahmoud Saeed museum 2004 -Salama gallery 2007International exhibitions- Exhibition of the Egyptian art in the Egyptian cultural center - Rome - Italy 2003Scholarship - Scholarship from Ministry of Culture 2002Cairo Salon 1965 -25th National exhibition of Fine Arts 197 -At Salama Arts gallery 1998,1999,2000,2001,2002 -Salon of Cairo Atelier 1998,20000 -Spring exhibition 1999 -26th National exhibition of Fine Arts 1999 -3rd ^ 4th Salon of Mini Works of Art 1999,2000 - 1st Festival of Fine creation (30th General exhibition and 1st Fine Art Fair) 2007 - At museum of Fine arts, Alexandria 2008State collection- Ministry of Culture . - Museum of the Modern Egyptian Art . - Alexandria Creation Center . - The Cultural Development Fund . - Romania Egypt Bank, Cairo. Acquisitions: • Egyptian Modern Art Museum - Ministry of Colure – Misr / Romanian Bank in Cairo and in Bucharest. • Other private acquisitions in Egypt and abroad: London - Kuwait - Bahrain - Saudi Arabia.

120 x 120 cm - Oil on wood - 2012

59 x 48 cm - Oil on canvas - 2009

78 x 58 cm - Oil on canvas - 2012