Among the dozens of artistic sects, the Egyptian artist, Jalal Al-Husseini, chose modern realism, a path through which he was able to present the artistic life in Egypt with about nine private exhibitions and more than ten group exhibitions. Among the raw materials, Fadl Al-Husseini (Aquarelle) produced dozens of his charming paintings that embodied the most beautiful and unique scenes of Egyptian nature. In his last exhibition, hosted by Khan Al Maghribi Hall in the Zamalek district in Cairo, the artist Jalal Al-Husseini presented new scenes of Egyptian life in paintings distinguished by their warm colors and romantic lines in a chromatic harmoniousness that confirms his artistic uniqueness among the amateurs of his generation. His interest in drawing came from school and childhood, so he knew where to go to graduate from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Architecture, adding another aspect to the love of the arts to integrate it with engineering and architecture to increase his strength in building the artwork, engineering and formation. He presented his first exhibition in 1967 and devoted himself to drawing Away from engineering for ten years, to practice it as a unique hobby and paint with watercolors, oil and pastels, and the idea of ​​nature is rich in flowers, trees, (infernal) trees, palms, and even the desert. 49 He graduated from the College of Applied Arts with distinction in 73 and obtained a doctorate in Philosophy of Arts in 90 His works dissolve in the romance of paper and he was famous for drawing flowers and living nature.

74 x 54 cm - Aquarelle on paper

70 x 48 cm - Aquarelle on paper