Born in 1986, Islam El Rihany is a visual artist who works as a teaching assistant at Painting Department, Faculty of Fine Arts - Minia University. He participated in many exhibitions such as the 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th, 29th and 30 Youth Salon. He took the artist in residency grant )North-South(, which was offered by Bibliotheca Alexandrina and funded by The European Union., was a part of a summer training offered by Hildesheim University and Hanover Museum, Germany 2016. He contributed in two international symposiums: Salih Karcıoğlu 1st international art workshop in Izmir, Turkey in 2019 and jüSTa Lake Nahargarh Palace, Parsoli, in Udaipur, India 2019. Concerning the prizes, El Rihany was offered the "Special offer" Prize for the 26th Youth Salon. "Painting" prize for the 27th Youth Salon. (Participation in the Luxor International Symposium) prize at the 29th Youth Salon. "Painting" prize for the 30th Youth Salon.

Woman and Cats

Oil on canvas - 77 x 63 cm